HJC IS 17 My New Helmet

I treated myself to a lid... and it's awesome


HJC IS 17- Why this helmet?

So after dropping my helmet down a flight of concrete steps I suddenly and abruptly found myself in the market for a new motorcycle helmet, since you should really replace it after any drop it takes but down a set of stairs is a definite no no. So off I went to my favourite place to shop for motorcycle gear… the internet, I mean who doesn’t like ordering motorbike gear decisions from the comfort of your sofa and someone else delivering to your doorstep?!


I have always been a big fan of HJC helmets especially because of their success in the US which is a really big biker market so anything they approve of must be good since there’s a lot of them. After doing a tonne of research I came across the HJC IS 17 ironman helmet which for those of you who don’t know, HJC started last year making a range of helmets with Marvel based around characters.


My first thought when I saw this was that it’s a novelty product and probably underneath the graphics it’s a terrible helmet. But after some more research in to the HJC IS 17 I realized the IS 17 is actually one of HJC’s top selling shells and now I’ve got one I can see why.


The IS 17 is a full face helmet that I class as a sort of mid way between a racey helmet and a great everyday motorbike helmet because it carries the features of a race helmet like a Pinlock ready visor (pinlock included) and visor lockdown, but still feels comfortable enough to wear for hours on end, plus is has one of those internal drop down sun visors that you can flick infront of your eyes with this slider on top and there you have it… no more need for sunglasses inside your helmet.


Money – Let’s get down to business, the HJC IS 17 matt black cost me £139.99 on a sale. For any of their graphics the prices start from around £159.99 and for the iron man it was £199.99.

I feel that for the money you are getting a whole lot of helmet, but that is what you expect from HJC as they’re a brand with so many different ranges of helmets that even their cheaper ones carry great features similar to their more expensive models.


So far I have had mine for about 4 months and wear it about 3 days a week on the way to work and have only seen about 2 rainy days riding in that, but ofcourse thanks to the pinlock visor you don’t get any steaming up inside so you can see the road ahead pretty clear.


The warmest weather I have tested it out in was about 22 degrees Celsius and the HJC jargon ACS air channeling seemed to do the job of keep my nut cool, especially with the adjustable vents.


Not to sound super biased, there is one draw back I found with the IS 17 and that is that you see them everywhere, there isn’t many graphics that you haven’t already seen at a bike meet which can be annoying but otherwise it’s an awesome helmet all round that didn’t and hasn’t disappointed.